Historic Route 66 in Shrewsbury




The City of Shrewsbury is currently engaged in a Historic Route 66 Corridor Revitalization Project. 

This project encompasses the section of Historic Route 66 Roadway that is located within the

Cities of Shrewsbury, Webster Groves, Marlborough, Crestwood and Sunset Hills. 


This project kicked off with the installation of the Route 66 Photo Deck, located at a point adjacent to

the intersection of the BNSF Railway and the Historic Corridor (at the Center of Kenrick Commercial District).  

The City of Shrewsbury will be involved in other activities and projects related to the Route 66 Corridor in the

coming years.  Throughout this timeframe, the City will keep the community apprised of its activities. 


If you are interested in learning more about Historic Route 66, and its role specific to the State of Missouri,

please visit the Route 66 Association of Missouri’s official website, at http://missouri66.org/.


Jonathan Greever – Director of Administration



Memorable Moments


I. The Development and Opening of The Route 66 Photo Deck in Shrewsbury, Missouri




The Route 66 Photo Deck Grand Opening

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

City Center - Sunset Ballroom


Left to Right:

Director Chris Buck (Parks and Recreation, Red Shirt)

Mayor Felicity Buckley (holding the scissors)

Director Jonathan Greever, (Administration, Black Suit)

and Esteemed Guests



Below: Route 66 Photo Deck with Banner and Historical Marker



Below:  Children enjoying the train from the Route 66 Photo Deck



Below:  Route 66 Historic Marker 



Below:  The cultural history of the Frisco Railway Crossing at the Route 66 Photo Deck




Below:  The Route 66 Photo Deck Facing the Frisco Railroad Overpass off Mo 366.



Below:  Hanging the Route 66 Banner near the Route 66 Photo Deck



Below:  Phase I of the Route 66 Photo Deck Build



Below:  Aerial view of the Route 66 Photo Deck during Phase I of the platform development



Below:  View from the Route 66 viewing platform.