Important Notice:
City of Shrewsbury Executive Order Civil Unrest Curfew Ammended June 3, 2020



Please continue to monitor this page for emergency information for Shrewsbury residents and neighboring communities.  Please also register with the "Notify Me" function to ensure that special alerts and information is delivered directly to you via e-mail.


In the case of severe weather, if power outages are found, the City may activate a warming Center at the Shrewsbury City Center, 5200 Shrewsbury Avenue. It would be staffed with City personnel and Shrewsbury C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) members.  This would be a short-term center, not designed to house people for an extended time.


Throughout the St. Louis Area there are longer-term stations to house people over night if severe weather occurs.  The United Way is the clearinghouse for information about these sites.  You can call 2-1-1 to reach them from any phone.  The directory is set up by zip code.  If you need assistance in getting to a center, you can contact East Central Dispatch at 645-3000 and tell the dispatcher you were directed to call for assistance by the Fire Chief.  Give them your name, address and contact information.  Someone will respond to your request shortly.