2022 Fall/Winter Program Guide



Due to Covid-19 some activities may be modified or not take place. 

Please call the City Center to confirm.




5200 Shrewsbury Ave.





September 2022 Calendar:


Board of Aldermen Regular Meeting: 9/13 at 6:00pm



Board of Aldermen Work Session: 9/27 at 6:00pm




Plan Commission Meeting: 9/28 at 6:00pm




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Please click on the following link to submit a compliment or complaint for a Shrewsbury Police Officer:

File a Compliment/Complaint


Please click on the link below for an open letter from our Police Chief and to view the Police Department Policy

Open Letter From Police Chief

Police Department Policy


Open Letter to the Community:

From the Mayor and Board of Aldermen


Open Letter to the Community:

COVID-19 Vaccines

Our roots in Shrewsbury are multi-generational with a progressive spirit.

Shrewsbury thrives on the cohesiveness of family, friends and businesses working together to provide a community filled with pride.

Take the time to visit us in Shrewsbury. Stroll through our parks, visit our businesses and experience the community.

You’ll be glad you did!


City Hall Business Hours

Monday Through Friday

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  Shrewsbury City Center

  5200 Shrewsbury Avenue

  Shrewsbury, MO 63119


City Hall:

(P) 314-647-5795

(F) 314-647-1811


Parks Department:

(P) 314-647-1003

(F) 314-647-5719


Shrewsbury Public Safety

4400 Shrewsbury Avenue

Shrewsbury, MO 63119


Municipal Court:

(P) 314-647-8634

(F) 314-647-8324


Fire Department:

(P) 314-645-5077

(F) 314-645-3873


Police Department:

(P) 314-647-5656

(F) 314-647-0019


Public Works:

7309 Melbourne Avenue

Shrewsbury, MO 63119

(P) 314-645-7441

(F) 314-645-4869





Shrewsbury Historical Society


On behalf of the Shrewsbury Historical Society, we are excited to announce the resurgance of the Shrewsbury Historical House Plaque Program. 


Applications may be printed from the link below or picked up at City Hall.  Houses must be at least 100 years old to eligible for a plaque.  For Style 1 Plaque, the applicant must know the year the house was built.  For Style 2 Plaque, the applicant must know the year the house was built and who the house was built for.  Plaques can be purchased for $156 plus $10 for shipping.  Stop by the City Center display cases for samples.


Please contact Beth Parker at 314-647-1003 for any additional questions.

Click here for Plaque Order Form



Deer Creek Pump Station at Carr Lane


Dear Residents,


If you believe you have experienced property damage from the blasting at the Deer Creek Pump Station at Carr Lane, please contact the tunnel engineer responsible for the project directly:


Tom O'Sullivan

SAK Construction



Customer Service Option for Waste Management (WM) Services


Please call WM Customer Service for any service requests, billing inquires or general questions.


Residents have the option of visiting www.wm.com at their leisure where they can submit online requests 24/7 for activities such as setting up new services, reporting a missed collection or to have a cart delivered or swapped out. While visiting www.wm.com residents may also ‘live chat’ with an agent that will be able to assist them regarding their request.


The convenient online live chat service is available Monday – Friday from 7AM – 5PM CST. If residents would prefer to speak directly to an agent they may contact the WM Customer Service Call Center at 1-800-964-8988, where Customer Service agents are available to answer any questions or requests Monday - Friday from 7AM – 5PM CST.


   Recycling Center

   Shrewsbury has a recycling center located at

   7309 Melbourne Ave (Near east end of the

   swimming pool parking lot) at the Public   

   Works Building, recycling center hours are

   Monday through Friday 7:00am-  

   3:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm.


   Items to be recycled are as follows:


   Glass beverage bottles (all colors)

   Aluminum and Tin Cans

   Plastic container with the number

   “1” or “2”   inside the recycle emblem

   Newspaper (newsprint only)

   Telephone book

   Cellular phones and cellular batteries ONLY


Historic Route 66 in Shrewsbury




          Fire Dept. Rolls Out STARS Program



   Board of Aldermen   

   Regular Sessions

   are the 2nd Tuesday  

   of each month at 6:00 p.m.

   Shrewsbury City Center

   in the Aldermanic Chambers.


   Board of Aldermen

   Work Sessions

   are the 4th Tuesday of 

   each month at 6:00 p.m.

   Shrewsbury City Center

   in the Aldermanic Chambers.












Community Camera Program Registration



St. Louis County Home Improvement Program



Historical Society Plaque Order Form




MSD Project Clear, St. Louis

MSD Project Clear